3rd Survey, Couvent de La Tourette, Éveux, France

Following the 5th Survey of Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut, from March 7 to 10, 2023, we went to La Tourette to conduct the 4th measurement survey of Couvent de La Tourette.
The survey was also halted here due to COVID-19, but the method was changed from the previous survey with laser measuring instruments, using 3D scanners, cameras, and drones to create 3D models.

The survey was conducted with the full cooperation of FONDATION LE CORBUSIER and Couvent de La Tourette, and drone flights were conducted after obtaining and applying for separate permission from the local authorities.
Our survey was featured in the FONDATION LE CORBUSIER newsletter, which we invite you to read.
  Click here to read the article about the architectural survey of La Tourette.

Taking photos for photogrammetry(Namiko NISHI)

Taking photos for photogrammetry(Ahmad JUBRAN)

Controlling a drone flight(Michisato IKEDA)

©︎2022-2023 Tstsuyu SHIRAISHI

Survey Members
Tetsuyu SHIRAISHI + WASEDA Le Corbusier Measurement Survey Team

Tetsuyu SHIRAISHI        
Yuri FUJII                     Professor, Waseda University
Michisato IKEDA          Research Associate, Waseda University 
Ahmad JUBRAN             2nd grade of Doctoral student
Namiko NISHI,  Pinyu LIN,  Kengo YOSHIOKA,  Takuma FUKUSHIMA,  

March, 2023